The boundary between work and life has been shaken over the past 18 months, and we continue to scratch at that line in the sand by providing space outside of your home office.

When people feel safe coming to the office, offering shorter rental periods to accommodate people’s needs is a top priority. That is generally the coworking model; we don’t make you sign a 10-year agreement like a typical office building. Throughout the pandemic, we have begun using vacancies as break-out spaces. Some people need a secluded space to take an exam or simply get out of their house that’s being remodeled. The list goes on in terms of the situations people face when home is not an option to get things done.

Whatever the reason – it has been our top priority to offer shorter-term rentals accommodating the needs of our members and friends in the community.

Rebecca Parsons, Operations Director, shared in a roundtable discussion at a Slack AMA that “some of our members were considered essential during the extensive lockdown, and now that everything is open again, we see our folks return.” Rebecca joined other coworking leaders from around the Mid-Atlantic talking about pivoting programming and keeping members close during the pandemic.

If you need an office for a short period, for the day, week, month, or year, you know who to contact! Phone: 302-751-MILL (302-751-6455).