Are you looking for a new space for your team or your start-up business? The Mill is a great place to save time and money as well as meeting others in the coworking community at The Mill.

Save time & money
You won’t need to buy furniture, set-up an internet network, hire a receptionist, or do anything else, start working during business hours (some places offer 24/7 access).

Opportunities to connect
Freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, big and small businesses come together and make connections working on different things or collaborating on projects, using conference rooms for meetings or workshops. Coworking spaces offer conference rooms, phone booths, and rentals for events.

Access to Amenities
Whether you love tea or coffee, most coworking spaces have various amenities. Also, coworking spaces give their members access to printers, lockers, and more!

Learn more about becoming a member to enjoy all of the benefits of coworking at The Mill. Schedule a tour today!