To infinity and across the pond! This week’s featured member, Tom Marks, is a contract software developer from London with a passion for podcasts and back-end software development. Last seen tucked away in one of our many comfy corners, Tom values quiet time spent with his work. He has spent the last year working in Python and painting his new home right here in Wilmington!
Tom is a man of simple pleasures; he doesn’t care too much for sports or music but loves to learn. Throughout his life he has lived and learned in places like England, Egypt, Canada, Barcelona, Mexico, Croatia, and Venice. He has never stayed in one place more than a year, but here in Delaware he has found a place to call home. Tom misses the meetups that he had back in London, recalling a time that him and his flat mate spent two solid weeks going to meetups, drinking, and eating pub food every night. He says the only reason they stopped after two weeks was that they were tired of eating pizza! 
Here in Wilmington, Tom keeps his love of tech meetups alive with the help of his fellow Mill member, Matt Eckman. Together they have sustained roughly two Wilmington Web Devs meetups a month, exploring issues and solutions for technological issues. Tom says that a place like Zip Code (coming to Phase III of the Mill this fall) will be a great addition to what he and Matt are doing. With a place as small as Wilmington, it can be hard to grow a program like this, but he looks forward to the new insights that Zip Code will have.

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