You’re new in town, you don’t know anybody and your company and most of your co-workers are in Washington, DC.  Social challenge… that’s for sure!

So Marcus Lowther joined The Mill where he splits his time between the community space, and often one of the phone booths tucked in the north end of the floor.

“I spend a lot of my time on conference calls so I’ll disappear into the phone booths,” Marcus says.  “I don’t want to distract anybody, but social interaction was the main reason I joined.”

A Princeton graduate with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (a subsidiary of Airbus), Marcus is a Product Manager and Analyst for Metron Aviation headquartered in Dulles, VA.  When his fiancée landed a job with Chase, he came to Wilmington. “We thought we’d finally try living in the same city,” he says.

Co-working isn’t new to Marcus; he spent time at another independently owned space in Brooklyn before coming to Wilmington.  “Different atmosphere but similar interaction.”