For 30 years, Ed Weirauch has developed brand awareness for products, services, and special events for AstraZeneca, Dale Carnegie Training, and Virtua Health. Today, he runs Weirauch Career Coach as Career Coach and Resume Writer, drawing on his experience in public relations.

“I mostly developed stories for the media that portrayed my employers and their related events, products, and services in a positive and accurate light,” he shares. He then saw several years ago the similarity between press releases and resumes, which eventually led him to his current work. As a career coach and resume writer, he develops individuals so that they can achieve greater success in the job market.

Helping people build their careers is only one of the many things Ed does. He shares that he once spent a weekend with Mother Teresa, has ridden his bike in 14 states, and loves being an AirBnB Superhost. To those who want a piece of his career-building wisdom, he has this to say: “read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, one of the all-time best selling books.”

As a member of The Mill, Ed says that the space is cool, “both temperature and environment. I’m an extreme extrovert so my priority is to be around people.”

The Mill

The Mill is a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups and established businesses.