Daniel Tessier has spent decades working in various positions across the United States, starting with his own environmental testing laboratory in Massachusetts. He worked there for nearly 12 years before working as a research fellow at the University of California. He eventually moved to Chicago where he taught environmental health and safety before settling in Delaware where he worked at DuPont.

Today he is the founder and principal of Chem-Intel Consulting LLC, where he solves technical problems and educates his clients in environmental science. He says, “My focus is on the fate and transport of chemicals, environmental and occupational exposures, and chemical toxicity and safety.”

While he initially tried working at his home office, Daniel said that he eventually realized that he needed to be in a place where other people were being focused and creative. He says, “That’s what The Mill does for me. I love the energy of other people working with creativity and purpose. I love the aesthetics of the workspace, and being in the bustle of downtown Wilmington. The beer is extra.”

Daniel also does interior painting and furniture restoration as a sideline business because he loves “the Zen-like, meditative qualities of that kind of work.”

The Mill

The Mill is a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups and established businesses.