Colin Jordan-Crowe currently works as a remote employee for the Ohio-based National Interstate Insurance Company. As an underwriter and product analyst, he specializes in passenger transportation insurance products. In the next few years, he plans on taking a hiatus from his career to pursue his lifelong dream of being a successful agripreneur.

“I never thought it was possible to be a successful veggie farmer and maintain a reasonable salary but recently I came up with a business plan that looks to be quite profitable by farming standards,” he shares. He says that he even got his initial hurdle: gaining approval from his wife to pursue his dream!

Going into agriculture is nothing new for Colin. He grew up seeking employment opportunities that could provide valuable real-world skills, such as, “working on farms, being an assistant carpenter, or working at a sailing center.” However, after graduating from college, he went into the customer service industry, which eventually led him to his current role in insurance.

While doing insurance work and setting the foundation for his dream, Colin can be seen regularly at The Mill. He says, “To be frank, it gets me out of my house. I work remotely for my company and while I do have a home office, it’s difficult to work as effectively as I do in a more professional space. The complimentary coffee is a major bonus too!” 

The Mill

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