One could say that Rajeev Baphna’s┬áteam at Analyttica, where he is founder and CEO, lives and breathes numbers. The company focuses on the fields of information management and analytics, helping businesses save costs, increase their revenue exponentially, and expand their market further.

But more than just analyzing data, Analyttica has also developed a learning tool for analysts called TreasureHunt. It is designed to train them how to solve simulated business problems using real data and to retain what they have learned better in a fun, interactive, and even competitive way. Businesses benefit too as they are able to train analysts faster.

Analyttica’s innovative solutions are largely influenced by Rajeev’s three-decade experience in the field of analytics and his passion for developing talent using technology and simulation, elements of what comprises not only Analyttica’s core business but TreasureHunt as well.

As a highly technical company, Analyttica has found its ideal home in The Mill. According to Rajeev, “It affords a perfect balance between work and fun, networking and privacy, access to multiple resources, proximity to various locations, and above all, the people!”

The Mill

The Mill is a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups and established businesses.