By Ed Weirauch

Picture a lawyer’s office, and what do you think of it? Bookcases? Expensive furniture? A big (often empty) conference room all at an impressive street address, right?

But maybe not so much anymore.

Four years before Covid-19 hit, Connor Bifferato, Esq., opted to set up his law firm at The Mill, Wilmington’s first coworking space. He had concerns that clients may not know what to make of this new concept and perhaps even be unimpressed.

“The space has always generated an initial shock or surprise reaction but in a positive way. Then they often comment on The Mill’s uniqueness and energy level.”

Connor explains that those traditional law firm perceptions have become both expensive and impractical due to the pandemic. “A lot of law firms traditionally spend money on office space, including big conference rooms that may not get a lot of use. But these days, people in all fields are hesitant about closed workspaces. So even the slow-to-change legal sector is accepting that traditions are changing.

Connor was ahead of the game in 2016 when he became one of the first members with office space within The Mill. “We have everything we need, including conference rooms designed to enhance mediation.” Specializing in alternative dispute resolution, corporate bankruptcy, and commercial litigation, Connor says his traditional business has done just fine while perhaps unintentionally setting new trends.

And how did he hear about this new coworking concept? In traditional Delaware fashion, Connor’s cousin, the Wilmington photographer Luigi Ciufetelli, referred him. “Luigi shot photos of The Mill before it opened, and next thing I knew, I became one of the first members.”