Member Workshop

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
12 pm - 1 pm

Hagley Conference Room

Your Culture Story: Presented by Nat Measley

Stop by the Hagley Conference Room for a Mill Member Lunch & Learn and bring your lunch and listen to Nat Measley’s presentation.

Nat Measley is the founder of the and teaches entrepreneurship and workplace-culture at the University of Delaware. Nat is a former CEO of a small culture consulting firm who wrote their book in 2015. It changed their business for the better.

Learn critical strategies on how to monetize your company’s culture and your story (gain new clients, retain your best clients, engage your team members).

The workshop will explore how to assess, design, and monetize your company culture.┬ácurates culture content form businesses and organizations to create valuable strategies for owners and leaders. And, they use culture content from your team members, clients, and partners to design and publish a book about your organization – in specific industries in 10-days – on Amazon.




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