Strive is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the power of character-driven leadership. They introduce student athletes and coaches to an intentional way of culture-building and leading – one rooted in self-awareness and empowered by a values-based, culture-driven community. By applying the rigor and grind of athletics to the development of the individual, Strive has created a leadership program unlike any other.

Founded in 1997, Strive has become a life changing experience for over 1,500 student athletes and has awarded over $1.5 million in scholarships. Strive operates year round, delivering programs and workshops across the country with teams, schools, and organizations in order for them to flourish.

While Strive works out of an office at The Mill, their team members can always be found in the community space. Although Strive works hard to create great leaders and instill lifelong character values, they make sure to have lots of fun too. For example, every Thursday Strive partakes in an organization-wide “Appreciations” session where the team gets together to express their gratitude to one another.

The Mill

The Mill is a coworking space in Wilmington, Delaware, that provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups and established businesses.